Monday, March 5, 2012

Logging Hours

How many hours per week do you sit in therapy waiting rooms.

Did you ever give it any thought?
I did today.
And it made me wonder (and wish) a little bit.
Wish that my "frequent sitting hours" could convert to "frequent sitting miles", just like the airlines offer.
So, since I had nothing else to do because I had already read every magazine in the waiting room already, I put pen to paper (since I don't carry a calculator in my back pocket) and whipped up some numbers*:

If I calculated the 5 hours of therapy (total for both kids) per week, that breaks down to:
300 minutes per week
1200 minutes per month
14400 minutes per year

Of. Me. Just. Sitting.

Now don't get me wrong here.
I am very extremely grateful that my insurance company (Aetna)is paying for all of this therapy for my kids.
They are thriving because of it and I couldn't be more pleased!
So don't think for one moment that I am complaining.
In fact, I do some of my best thinking in those waiting rooms since I have nothing else better to do.
I have whipped out IEP Goals and drafted letters and responded to important emails and took even more important phone calls in those waiting rooms.
Oh, and tweeted and Facebooked in those same rooms.

OK, I went off the subject a bit here.
Let's get back to my point.
And yes, I do have a point.
So if the average commercial airliner can travel at speeds up to 600 miles per hour,
that works out to 10 miles per minute.
So if I am sitting here for 300 minutes per week, I can also travel 3000 miles!

Where can I go within 3000 miles?
When I googled this question, the answer I got made me giggle: the ocean.

A place of calm to rejuvenate and stimulate my senses.
The feel of gentle breezes.
The feel of warm sun.
The smell of clean, salty air.
The sound of cooing birds.
The sound of waves crashing onto the shore.
The touch of warm sand between my toes.

I'm awake!
Therapy is over and the therapist is telling me what a great job my child has done today.
My child is clinging to my leg and tugging on my arm because he is hungry.
Thanking our therapist for the reminder of the next session, we are off.
I am thrust back into reality.

Life's a beach for sure!

How long do you sit and where can you go with your "frequent waiting miles"?

*These numbers are based on my own weekly schedule.

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  1. My son is only 2 - so his sessions only range from 30min - 45min. Speech once a week and OT once a week. With him being 2 I sit in on the sessions still but it is still a waiting game.

    5hours a week in waiting rooms is a lot! Question is, if you wait for 5hours a day - how many hours of WORK do you put in with the kids? Coz we put in a whole whack just with our 2yr old.

    I hope to heavens my son doesn't need further help later on - but sadly he has Dyspraxia both physically and orally.