Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten

10. Counting down the days until Spring! Then again, it hasn't been much of a winter here in Chicago, has it?

9. Keeping shoes on in school and regaining privileges.

8. My little boy playing with newly hatched chicks in school. Sweet!

7. Well-behaved children in Church. Thank you, Jesus!

6. A swim lesson last week that taught me more than just swim. I learned all about frustration and it made me sad.

5. Networks of great friends!

4. A 4.5 year old who still takes a nap everyday. Thank you very much!

3. Who watches SMASH? Isn't it the best show on TV this year?

2. Who watches Castle? I love that one, too! Monday's are my night!

1. I love my kids!

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