Monday, April 30, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten

10. An amazing transition meeting for Kaitlyn. We are so blessed.

9. Am amazing transition meeting for Andrew. We are double-blessed.

8. A new ESY site for the girl for the summer.

7. Continued progress with speech and OT.

6. I wonder if I should put the girl on a swim team. Yep, she is that good.

5. What do I do now that all of the school meetings are over? Wow!

4. Only one month left of school. Really?

3. Coffee and donuts with my girl before school.

2. A mini-date with my boy to see a play.

1. I love my kids!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Never Say Never

This little girl of mine has done it again.
She has defied the odds, proven the nay-sayers wrong.
She has once again made me proud.
We had our IEP Transition Meeting on Tuesday morning and made major decisions about her educational future.

Good bye, self-contained special Ed setting.
Hello , mainstreamed setting with supported education.

Our dreams are coming true and I will share the whole story with you in the coming days.

Right now, I've got a little hero to hug, prayers to say, and plenty of thanks that needs to be given.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten

10.  I have been bad at blogging lately.  I just noticed that my page layout is different.  Please excuse any weird looking stuff until I get a chance to look over the "new" Blogger stuff!

9.  An absolutely OMG AMAZING IEP Meeting today.

8.  Huge blog post to follow soon on that AMAZING IEP Meeting we had today!

7.  More progress in Speech, OT and swim for both kids!

6.  Networks and friends!

5.  Incredible support systems.

4.  Planning for ESY.

3.  Planning for summer vacations.

2.  Being cancelled from work on Sunday....perfect timing for an IEP Meeting!

1.  I LOVE my kids!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Am Assertive!

No kidding???

I took this online test about IEP Advocacy styles and it turns out that I am assertive.
This is what it said about me:

Do you ...
•have every piece of paper you ever received from the school neatly organized in folders?
•research problems and come prepared to suggest solutions?
•often feel you know more than the professionals about how to do their job?
Your IEP advocacy style is ASSERTIVE
You know the law and your rights, and you conduct yourself as professionally as the professionals. Documenting conversations and progress and promises ensures that everybody stays accountable and nothing falls through the cracks.

Maybe you have some experience or knowledge in the educational field.

Maybe you enjoy research and have found your calling in being the expert on your child.

Maybe you're super-organized and expect others to be, too.

But you take it as your duty to your child and to the IEP team to stand strongly for rights, responsibilities, and best practices.

What's good about that: You're on the ball, and everybody knows it. Meetings will be conducted with strict formality, and IEP plans will be made by the book. If the school shirks its responsibility, you'll have a well-documented case.

What's bad about that: "By the book" is not always best. Sometimes, give in one area will allow you more leeway in another, and your child can benefit from that flexibility. Being a stickler for the law means that you won't be allowed to bend it, either. And people are sure to be taking notes on you.
No big newsflash here!
Good thing that I got that clarified...seeing that I have two transition meetings for both kids coming up in the next week!

What is your style?
Take the test here and find out!
And let me know what your style is, too!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten

10. I am assertive. More to come about that tomorrow!

9. Amazing progress in the pool from both of my kids! Way to go, guys!

8. Great ST and OT progress!

7. Transition Meetings in one week and I still have not started my prep work yet.

6. Giving thanks for all that I have!

5. Picking the little guy up from school today and watching him bounce and bound towards me with the biggest smile and saying "I am so glad to see you!". I love that boy!

4. What I wouldn't give to retire and stay home full time. *sigh*

3. Prepping and planning for the summer.

2. A wonderful reading program!

1. I love my kids!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Lip Blocks and Silly Straws

Yet another creative way that SLPs think, get (my) kids to work hard, and allow us to all see progress: lip blocks and silly straws!

When combined together, they provide tactile cues to encourage lip closure, lip rounding, and tongue retraction.
Your SLP will tell you if/when your child is at an appropriate age for these products, and they will instruct you as to the position and length of the straw.
Just so that you know, if your child is able to bite on the straw that is attached to the lip block, then the straw is most likely too long.

The silly straws can be purchased at any dollar store, and I personally bought the lip blocks at Talk Tools.

So far, I am getting a little resistance from the boy to the lip blocks, but blowing bubbles with the silly straws prior to using the blocks have helped!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten

10. Pinterest = addiction.

9. A blessed Easter Sunday celebration!

8. Increased sentence length!

7. Improved handwriting!

6. Amazing progress with swim strokes!

5. Another post-op follow up visit with our Opthamologist today. Will update when we get home.

4. A boy who has a love of climbing onto counters now. Not a good decision, my dear boy.

3. Food preferences and a difficult menu to maintain.

2. ESY forms that came home last week.

1. I LOVE my kids!

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Monday, April 9, 2012



I did it.

I was curious, I looked around, got my feet wet, and did it.

I am now on Pinterest!

If you are on there too, I'd love to hear from you!
Add things to my boards.
Pin things for me.
(Am I saying that right?)

Here is my link to my!
Yes, I don't know the Pinterset lingo yet, so feel free to help me out!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten

10. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

9. Spring has sprung!

8. Swim lessons going along....swimmingly!

7. Stuttering, groping for sounds, and word finding difficulties suck!

6. Knowing that your kids know their speech is just not right. Ignorance was bliss!

5. Back to school this week after a 10 days break.

4. Eczema on the boy's face.

3. Seeing my kids' faces light up as they climb trees and "hot rod" in Grandpa's convertible this weekend.

2. The dwindling of homework as of late.

1. I LOVE my kids!

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Monday, April 2, 2012

April Already???

Can you believe it's April?
I feel like we just celebrated Christmas!
That means only 10 weeks left of school.
And that means we have lots and lots of decisions to make in this household.


Let's not think about that right now.
In the meantime, enjoy this great April calendar brought to you by Terri Mauro!

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