Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Am Assertive!

No kidding???

I took this online test about IEP Advocacy styles and it turns out that I am assertive.
This is what it said about me:

Do you ...
•have every piece of paper you ever received from the school neatly organized in folders?
•research problems and come prepared to suggest solutions?
•often feel you know more than the professionals about how to do their job?
Your IEP advocacy style is ASSERTIVE
You know the law and your rights, and you conduct yourself as professionally as the professionals. Documenting conversations and progress and promises ensures that everybody stays accountable and nothing falls through the cracks.

Maybe you have some experience or knowledge in the educational field.

Maybe you enjoy research and have found your calling in being the expert on your child.

Maybe you're super-organized and expect others to be, too.

But you take it as your duty to your child and to the IEP team to stand strongly for rights, responsibilities, and best practices.

What's good about that: You're on the ball, and everybody knows it. Meetings will be conducted with strict formality, and IEP plans will be made by the book. If the school shirks its responsibility, you'll have a well-documented case.

What's bad about that: "By the book" is not always best. Sometimes, give in one area will allow you more leeway in another, and your child can benefit from that flexibility. Being a stickler for the law means that you won't be allowed to bend it, either. And people are sure to be taking notes on you.
No big newsflash here!
Good thing that I got that clarified...seeing that I have two transition meetings for both kids coming up in the next week!

What is your style?
Take the test here and find out!
And let me know what your style is, too!

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  1. Love this post! I love being an assertive mom too and can't imagine being any other way!