Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten

10.  Less than a month left of school.  OMG.

9.  Transitioning the girl to general ed in the fall.  We are so excited.

8.  Deciding to keep the boy in preschool one more year and not pushing him into Kindergarten.  We are at peace with this decision.

7.  Being grateful for so many things.

6.  Lots and lots of homework lately!

5.  Listening to my boy read the same books that my girl is reading.  Wonderful!

4.  The Listening Program:  I am a believer!

3.  Continued progress with OT, Speech and swim. 

2.  Planning for summer fun.

1.  I LOVE my kids!
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  1. Hi Pattie -- I'm a believer that The Listening Program does SOMETHING...in our case, we actually couldn't get past the 4th or 5th CD without going through a toilet training regression or night-waking/terrors. Tried it three times and even called the corporate offices about it. Really weird. This all happened WAY back in the day (like ten years ago or so) when it first came out. Just a word of caution that you should always keep in close touch with your OT/ST about what you observe or notice with any mood or behavior changes...good, bad or ugly. Happy listening!