Monday, June 11, 2012

$250,000 Goes A Long Way!

What would you do with $250,000.00?

A local store, The Sensory Kids Store at BellyBum, has entered to win a grant for this exact sum.

If you don't know who the BellyBum Boutique is, click up there later...because I am asking you all to do one thing first.

Vote for them!

Small businesses work hard for your loyalty and go out of their way for their customers.  They aren't some "big box" store.  They are Mom-and-Pop stores that we all have grown up with and love so much.  It is what drives small businesses.  Sponsored by two powerhouse companies, Chase and LivingSocial want to help fuel that drive by awarding up to 12 individual grants of $250,000 to 12 small businesses.

Can you imagine what $250,000 can do to a small business?

Think about the items and services that this local business can provide for their customers who have children with sensory processing disorder, autism, and other special needs.
It is so simple to vote.

And if you are on Facebook, you actually have one less step to perform!

Click here to log onto the voting site, then scroll to the lower right side of the page that says "Log in with facebook to support your community".  In the search bar, enter "The Sensory Kids Store at BellyBum" (*Please make the address of 4347 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60618 shows up*)

Then.  Click.  VOTE.

That's it!

You can only vote once, and voting ends on June 30, 2012.  However, each business needs at least 250 votes to be considered for a $250,000 grant. Eligible small business applicants will then be judged by a panel of business experts.

That is why your vote is so important.

Thank you for supporting a store which could provide so much to our children with sensory processing and other needs!

You can also go to their Facebook page and "LIKE" the BellyBum Boutique there as well!  

Or there is a great video here shown recently on our Chicagoland news station about this awesome store!

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