Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do You Have Handwriting Woes?

For a very long time, we did.

For so long, my daughter's attempts at handwriting were hideous.  Blech!

But after realizing that her poor handwriting was correlated with her motor planning issues and not my poor teaching or her being left-handed (I am too, by the way!) or her lack of enthusiasm, I chose to take a different approach and make handwriting fun!

Here is a list of things that we have done over the last six months which has really helped the cause:

  • PLAYING WITH FOOD.  Besides using shaving cream on a table or in the shower, we have written on a plate with pudding and applesauce as well!
  • WRITING ON THE WALLS.  Well, not exactly the walls, per se.  We have, however, written on windows with Crayola markers.  And NO, I did not run out and buy the markers specific for windows (yes, they do make them!).  We used regular markers on my sun room window and some plain ole Windex cleaned them up when we were done!
  • CHALK AND WATER.  Chalkboards can get boring after a while.  But if you take a piece of black construction paper and chalk...and dip that chalk in get bright, bold colors on black paper!  The kids will think you are a genius!
  • PAINTING THE TOWN.  In this case, we used water-soluble sidewalk paint with paint brushes.  Our driveway was quite the sight!  But this encouraged her to focus her writing with just her wrists and not the entire arm on the driveway.  We made faces, rainbows and squiggles!
Now that summer is here, I am sure that there are plenty of other ideas that you can come up with to encourage therapy at home.

I am also enclosing a great article from Reading Rockets called Handwriting:  What's Normal, What's Not.  I like how it takes you through and age-by-age assessment of what typical children should be doing.  For me, I simply used it as a guide.  When I got to a stage that either of my children were struggling in, I would stop and focus on that stage for while.

Also attached is another great article entitiled 5 Activities to Help Your Preschooler's Pre-Writing Skills.  It gives you more ideas about things you can do to strengthen your child's hands all while laying the foundations for great future writing skills.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far!
We start ESY today for the next 6 weeks!
And check back tomorrow....I've got a great giveaway planned with an even greater product!

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  1. As always...great ideas! Thanks and have a fantastic summer !