Friday, June 1, 2012

School's Out and It's June 1st!

Can you believe that it is June already?
Where did the school year go?
In a nutshell, it went by so fast!
But as this calendar says, you deserve a break.
Let's use this summer to relax and enjoy kids being kids.
Let's find new ways to do therapy.
Let's throw the old ways out the window (for the next three months at least) and use our creativity and the summer sun to see, hear, feel and smell what the world has to offer and teach us all!
Yes, we have ESY which starts on June 12th.
So there is still an academic portion to our summer break.
And yes, we still have ST and OT.
So there is still some structured therapy in the calendar for us.
But this year, I am doing things differently.
And I will let you all know in September how it worked out!

*Thanks to Teri Mauro for allowing me to share this calendar.*
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  1. Happy Summer! You'll be busy with the ESY but it is so important to keep their skills moving in the right direction! We're doing "mommy boot camp" but it is all fun - lots of treasure hunts and spy parties, etc. There is an educational component to each one, but it is hidden in the fun stuff!