Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today's Top Ten

10.  ESY started last week.  And the kids couldn't be happier!  (OK, me too!)

9.  My daughter has almost perfected the breaststroke!  Can you believe it!

8.  My son is not afraid to jump into 3 feet of water at the pool!  Oh my, we have come so far!

7.  Boy is it hot in Chicago lately!  Welcome to summertime!

6.  Reassessing speech goals for the summer.

5.  Central Auditory Processing issues.  We need to work on this a tad.

4.  Our first summer injury:  a sliced foot courtesy of the metal door at the pool.  Ouch.

3.  The girl has gone through one bathing suit and 3 pairs of goggles already this summer!

2.  Who siad summer is filled with lazy days?  We are hoppin' over here!
1.  I LOVE my kids!
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  1. Good to read your Top10..Strange but very intresting..:)