Monday, July 23, 2012

PrAACtical Supports for Behavior

Face it.
As parents with a child with a special need or not, we have all gone through this at one point or another:

We are at the park enjoying our time with our kids.
We lose track of time.
We panic and begin to hurry our kids off of the swings and monkey bars with one hand as we attempt to gather water bottles and sandals and books with the other hand.
We patiently try to scoot the kids into the car when all of a sudden.......EPIC MELTDOWN.

We didn't think about it at the time, but we didn't transition our kids in an effective manner to prevent the tears in the backseat.
Or the tantrum.
Or the kicking of your backseat as you drive home.
Or the fighting and slapping that is going on in the backseat between siblings.

It's OK.
It happens to all of us!

The same goes for school or therapy.
Teachers and therapists don't do it intentionally.
Sometimes it just happens.
That is why I will be sharing this with our teachers in the coming school year.
To prevent those tears.
To prevent that meltdown.
To use as a reference.
Not just for my child, but for any child in any situation....special needs or not.

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