Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Speech Guy: NOT (Just Another Speech-Language Pathology Blog)

I love the Internet.
Love it.
I am amazed at the number of new hits that I get when I google something.
I eat up the information and store it on my computer, in my head, on my phone, you name it.
I add more and more links to my "favorites" on my desk top computer and have now figured out how to make files of those favorites.
Oh, and I must alphabetize them....for ease of reference and because I am like that.

But most of all I love reading other blogs.
Parents with children with apraxia and other speech-language disorders, ASHA, and SLP blogs.
And speaking of SLP blogs, here is a great one!

This SLP is a man...kind of a rare gem in the world of SLPs.
Currently, around 4.5 percent of speech-language pathologists are men. (ASHA)
My brother is an SLP.
And one of our therapists for my daughter was a male.
There's just something about a male SLP that is so different than females (beyond the obvious).
Maybe it's the father-figure appeal?
Maybe it's an authority figure of sorts?
Maybe they are more stern and business-like in their approach which gets kids to respond differently than to their female counterparts?
(Note:  my daughter rarely tried to pull a fast one on our male SLP.)

I don't know what it is, but whatever it is.....it works!
And it must be working for Jeremy (also known as the Arizona Speech Guy).
You can easily tell what kind of guy he is and his philosophy of his role as an SLP by reading his bio:

"I am a speech-language pathologist and I work at UPWARD for children and families in Phoenix, Az. I concentrate mostly on autism, aac, artic/phonlogy, iPad in therapy, and dabble in some feeding."
Anyone who uses the word "dabble" in a bio must have a great relationship with kids with special needs.
I read that as "I love my job.  We will act silly while we get our work done.  We will have fun!"

AZSpeechGuy's blog covers topics such as IPads and apps, Speech Buddies, app reviews (with photos!), language, and so on.

You can also follow him on Twitter!
Maybe he needs a Facebook page, ya think?

(Hint hint, Jeremy!)
I think he would have a lot of fans over there!

Thanks for all that you do for our kiddos, Jeremy!
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  1. You're right...a male SLP is rare, indeed! There were 0 males in my grad program; there was 1 in undergrad...for a while. I'm off to check him out! THANKS!