Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Starting A New School?

I love what the Victoria Chart Company has done for kids!

And I love how they have a reward chart that will help with the transition to a new school!

As you know, the little girl is transitioning to our local school in the fall and a chart like this would give her the visuals that she relies on so heavily for transitions, preparation and anticipation.
Plus, she eats up the rewards that she gets!
The chart can be personalized to your own preferences as well....making your child feel as though the chart was made just for them!

Behavior charts and reward charts are effective ways to get children to do what they should be doing without having to battle with them.
And making a big deal about their successes, no matter how little they may be, is the first step in seeing positive changes!
That is why I love what the Victoria Chart Company has developed!

If you are interested in this product, this is what you will receive:
  • A large reward chart and to help encourage positive behavior, achievement and development in children from 4 years.
  • Ideal for the development stage of children of elementary school age.
  • Parents can customize the charts to the individual need of the child.
  • Re-usable stickers: 10 activities, 6 blank to customize to your need, 324 reward stickers.
  • Includes detailed instructions on how to get the best results from your chart, sticky mounting pads for the wall and a dry erase marker.
 If you go to right now or just click on this link, you can be sure to get your reward chart before the school year starts!

And as always, you can view more of the The Victoria Chart Company's products here and follow them on their Facebook page and Twitter page as well!

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