Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet-and-Greet: Child #2

Boy oh boy!

This has been the week of meet-n-greets for sure!

While Kate's MNG was a little nerve-wracking, Andrew had his today and it went well!

He was a little sad when I told him that he would be having a new teacher this year.
He was absolutely in love with last year's teacher, Miss S.
Miss S could do no wrong in his eyes!
And he was right!
Miss S was the bomb!

But this year he has a new teacher, Miss S (another S!) and he seemed OK with it.
Um, more than OK.
We walked into the classroom and Miss S introduced herself and Andrew immediately went to her and hugged her!

All together now.......awwwwwwwww.

And when his new classroom SLP introduced herself to him, he gave her the same Andrew-welcome:  a coy hug.


I was happy to see that he was so confident in that classroom with the new faces!
And then we met our classroom OT:  she was Kate's OT when she was at the preschool.
She knows Andrew.
She knows me.
Could this day get any better????

After he was done flirting with his new teachers, he went on a mission to find his other "love" from last year:  Miss S.

Oh. My. Gosh!

He peered around the door and spotted her and ran to her like a kid running after an icecream truck!
I don't know how she caught him or how he didn't knock her over, but the scene was just too adorable and NO I didn't even think of snapping a photo.
(Banging head on the keyboard)

So we are set for 2012-2013.
Kate is settled in her new school and loving it.
Andrew is happy with his new classroom and even happier that he saw his old friends.

Can the trend continue????

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