Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Top Ten

10.  As of today....only 9 more days until school starts for the 2012-2013 school year!

9.  Baking birthday cakes!

8.  Planning awesome birthday parties!

7.  New schedules, new calendars, and lots of changes!

6.  Please tell me what your favorite iPhone app is....I want the best Mom apps out there!  Thanks!

5.  When one door closes, a window opens.  I firmly believe that.

4.  Speech progression!  OMG I am lovin' these new words and sounds!

3.  My girl is sad that the Olympics are over.  She loved watching the swim and gymnastics events.

2.  I let my daughter bake a cake.  It was hard, but I let her do it.  And she did awesome!

1.  I LOVE my kids!

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  1. Here are a few of my fave apps : Games : BraveSmart - completely addicting
    Photos: Instagram *of course*
    Social Media: Twitter
    Coffee: Starbucks :)
    Shopping: Zulily
    I also love my wordpress app, and Groupon and YouVersion (bible reading)
    Soon to come is a meal pay app for my son's school :) That will be awesome. I won't have to remember to log on at home to reload his account when I get the reminder emails. LOVE technology sometimes! Our School starts one week from today! CAN'T wait. My little one is getting so bored at home, and hated his camp this year so its been a rough summer here