Friday, November 2, 2012

My meeting with the School Principal

On Thursday afternoon, I had a meeting the the girl's school Principal.


Backtrack 24 hours when I got he phone all from that same Principal.
The good news: she prefaced it with "Don't worry. Everything is OK....".
But she continued it with wanting to meet with me to talk about her Report Card.

Dum da dum dum DUM!

Now let me tell you right now.....that sinking feeling in your stomach that you had in the 4th grade when you were called to the Principal's Office for chewing gum or fighting on the playground is the same sinking feeling.

It doesn't change one bit.

The color drained from my cheeks and I thought for sure that my breakfast was going to come up in an instant.
Deep breath.
I'm a Mom now.
I can handle a meeting with a Principal!
It won't be the first and it surely won't be the last.
Get your act together, Mom!
Are you a Mom or a mouse!?


Report Cards were being distributed on Friday.
She wanted to make sure that I was completely aware of how my daughter got the grades that she received.
She wanted to make sure there was no confusion.
I liked that.

Was her Report Card that bad?
What kind of grades will she be prepping me for?
Do we have to go back to the drawing board?
Do we need to write a new IEP because of this?
Dies she meet with all mainstreamed parents like this?

40 minutes later, the meeting was over and I walked out of her office.

What do you think was said?

Stay tuned......more info to come......

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