Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Remember What Happened on the Last Election?

April 2011.
There was an election going on and I brought my daughter.
And I was crushed at the lack of compassion and professionalism by several of the Election Judges at the polling site.
How could they say such things?
To this day, I refuse to allow anyone to say such nasty, negative, evil things to me.

Remember this story..........................

At approximately 8:25am, I entered the building, my designated polling site.
I brought my 7 year old daughter with me as time was tight and she needed to be at school at 8:45am.
She quietly interacted with the two ladies at my designated polling table.
One lady's name was Judith, but I did not get the other name.
There was a man with a black White Sox sweatshirt standing behind them.

I was given my ballot and covering device and walked to a polling station.
My daughter was standing to my left.
As I filled out my ballot, my daughter was playing with the cord that attached the booths.
All of a sudden, Judith walked up to my daughter and said in a very stern voice "Um, do NOT play with this, OK?"
I looked up and grabbed my daughter towards me and informed Judith "She has special needs. She doesn't understand that what she may have been doing was wrong."
In a huff, Judith walked away.
I went to place my ballot in the machine and walked out with my daughter.

I was upset that someone would choose to discipline my child in public for something so minor.
I was even more upset that she chose to direct her discipline at my daughter instead of coming to me as the adult and parent.
I walked to my car and retrieved a business card which has information about my daughter's needs as well as a website which someone could go to if they had questions.
I walked back into the polling place and walked up to Judith and handed her my card quietly saying "The next time you think about scolding a child, speak to the parent, first."
Judith immediately retaliated with "I was not yelling at your child!".

I said once again, "The next time you think about scolding a child, speak to the parent first. She has special needs."

I turned and walked away.
At that moment, the man standing behind her (wearing a black White Sox sweatshirt) screamed in a loud bellowing voice:


I felt my heart rise to my throat.
I kept walking away.
I did not turn to the man.
I kept walking away.
I did not address the man or his comments.
I kept walking away.
I was shocked at what I just heard.
I kept walking away.

My eyes welled with tears as my daughter held my hand and skipped in the sunlight.
Luckily, she didn't understand what he said.
Luckily, she doesn't know how I feel right now.
Luckily, she doesn't realize what injustice just transpired and how she was affected.
But she saw my tears.
And she said "Hi, Mommy. Don't be sad. Let's go to school."
OK, kiddo. Let's go to school.

Along with this man and Judith, there was another woman at the table as well as other tables with other people around.

The room was very quiet.
Almost Church-like quiet.
The room was not empty.
There were other Election Judges and other random voters in the room.
People whisper when they come to vote.
I could hear the room echoing with his hurtful words as I walked outside.
I know other people heard him as well.

I did not stay long enough to see if anyone came to my or my daughter's defense.

I didn't have a response for that mean man....until now.

If I could, I would go to that man and ask him if he knows God.
Any God.
Because if he said yes, I would have to tell him that we must believe in completely different Gods.
But that I would say an extra prayer to MY God for him.
Because MY God is a good God and would not allow the devil to speak to a child like that.
About a child like that.

Sure, I made some phone calls.
I filed a complaint with the County Clerk.
God was truly lifting me up from such darkness and pain because he put two beautiful women on the phone with me.
Who both had children with special needs in their lives.

You see, He is always working little miracles like that...that God of mine.

Now, if someone could please tell me how to get my broken heart out of my throat........

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  1. Tears in my eyes as I read this post...

  2. I think you handled it wonderfully well. As a parent with a special needs child myself, I am completely appalled that people would react that way. Haven't these people heard about being pc (politically correct) these days? I sincerely hope that the people around them reacted negatively towards their hateful comments. In the end though, we need to develop a thicker skin because it's their problem not yours. God made our children and He thinks they are perfect!