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SpeechBox App for iPad Review and Giveaway!

In the world of apraxia, speech therapy, special needs and special education, there has to be an easier way to get your child to participate in therapy, isn't there?
Special needs or not, child or adult, there are days that we just don't want to work.
I have those days quite often, as do my children.
But in a child with a speech and language disorder, you really can't afford to take a day off, can you?
So we don't.
But as I ran out of new ideas in the realm of speech therapy creativity, I stumbled across an amazing app:  Speech Box App by the Jonah Bonah Learning Company!
SpeechBox™ was designed and developed by a father of a three year old with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, who also happens to be an iPhone & iPad app developer. After using a variety of other apps to work with his child he realized there was a need for a simple, easy to use, and customizable app to practice words with his child.

Once I downloaded the app, I was amazed at the ease of use!
On the home screen, you will notice several boxes which are labeled with all of the speech sounds.
What caught my eye immediately was that they were alphabetized!

Many other apps out there divide speech sounds into their appropriate category:  bilabial sounds, fricative sounds, velar sounds, alveolar sounds, affricate sounds, glottal sounds, liquid sounds, and so on.
(Are you impressed that I whipped those out like that???)
But having the sounds in alphabetical order makes it easier for the parent or caregiver to go directing to the sound that they are concerned, allowing them to immediately work on that sound with the child!


Also, when you choose the sounds that you want to work on, you also have the option (at the bottom of the screen) to select initial, medial or final sound.

iPhone-and-iPad-app-developer-Dad, you get a high-five for that one, too!
When you are done with the picture you can swipe to remove it from the box or pinch it to put it back in the box.
Very simple.
Very easy to navigate.

"SpeechBox™ is a iPad app designed to work with Children with Apraxia of Speech, Autism, Down’s Syndrome, and other Speech Language disorders. Parents, Educators, Speech Therapists, etc. can work with Children and practice speaking simple words in a beautiful interface with engaging colorful pictures.
Within moments of opening the app you can get started practicing. There are no complex menus to navigate through before being presented with the pictures. You simply tap on a box, and it displays it’s contents. Selecting a picture is as moving around the pictures and tapping on the one you wish to view. When you are done with the picture you can swipe to remove it from the box or pinch it to put it back in the box.
Not only can you work with the over 700 beautiful retina quality pictures, but you can add your own pictures using the iPad’s camera or photo library. Now you can add pictures of friends, family and other common objects the child can practice with."

It is a fun way to select pictures, too!
I let my children tap the photo and then swipe it away when they got it right!
Giggles and speech therapy should always go together!

Creating custom boxes was also a "plus" for me!
I could make one for school, one for home, and one for family!
How many other apps out there let you do that???
Not many at all....except this one!

You could also custom-record names of pictures.
Your child may respond to your voice (or your therapist's voice) in a different way than they would with the automated voice most apps come with!
If you choose not to custom record, this app allows you to choose between male or female voice, too.

And you can add/customize new pictures as well!
I have reviewed many apps and have tons and tons of apps on our iPad.
Simply put, this app is my all time favorite!!!
Hands down, I love it!
And I cannot thank iPhone-and-iPad-app-developer-Dad (who also has a child with a speech and language disorder) for designing an app like this!

So, on behalf of that awesome Dad (and Jonah Bonah Learning Company) they would like ONE READER to have a copy of this app as well!

 Here are a few ways that you can enter:
1.  Leave a comment on this blog post about the app.
2.  Leave a comment on SpeechBox App's facebook page and tell them that you heard about this app from me!  You must make sure that you "LIKE" their page as well!
3.  Leave a comment on my facebook page.
4.  Follow SpeechBox on Twitter.

***PLEASE NOTE:  if the selected winner already owns SpeechBox App, they will get a $20 iTunes gift card instead.***

The contest runs from Wednesday December 5, 2012 through Friday, December 7, 2012.
Winner will be announced on my Facebook page on Friday, December 7, 2012 after 12:00 noon CST. 
Winner to be chosen at random.
The more ways you enter, the better your chances to win!
For more information about SpeechBox App as well as the developer, visit their website here.  Or it is available in iTunes by clicking here!
Thank you, SpeechBox App, Jonah Bonah Learning Company, and all involved in this app!
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  1. Love your blog! My son is 5 with profound apraxia and I have learned so much from you. Thanks for everything you do. Have tried to enter the contest several different ways, but this one will have to do. :)

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    Lisa @All That and a Box of Rocks

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