Thursday, April 25, 2013

Meet Apraxia Dad!

I am the blogger in the family.
The loud Mom.
The spitfire.
The advocate.

Dad isn't as loud, but don't let that fool you.
He the quiet champion.
The quiet cheerleader.
The quiet(ER) parent at the IEP meetings and Parent Teacher Conferences.
He takes it all in and digests it.
He's the "ying" to my "yang".

We balance well.
I have always fought the insurance companies alone and had no problem with that job.
And I still don't have a problem with it.
Fighting for my kids is an adrenaline rush for me.
It's my drug.
But now Dad is stepping into the ring.
I think United Healthcare needs to be warned.
Because when Dad talks, people listen.

And nothing is more awesome than a loud Dad fighting for his kids.

Go, Dad, go!