Friday, June 21, 2013

SlowTunes App to Teach Our Children to Sing Along!

We all know that music is a wonderful tool for learning, especially for a child with special needs.
How many of us have improvised our own songs while talking and playing with our children?

Probably all of us!

And who hasn't sung the ABC's to their children?

Now that my children with apraxia have started to like today's music on the radio, I often hear them trying to sing along with the song.
But sadly, some of the lyrics are so fast that their little mouths can't keep up or they make up words that sound like the lyric (which actually makes me giggle in the front seat!)

For example, Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" comes out as "Bad Horse Dance" according to my son.  And he can sell it, too!  For a while, I was saying "Bad Horse Dance" as I was singing along.

(Are you laughing now with me?)

But thanks to the brilliance of Brian Stokes, a Dad with a daughter with apraxia, he has developed an amazing app that actually S-L-O-W-S down any song without changing the pitch!

Cool, huh?

In fact, this app could be used by SLPs during therapy sessions as background music of familiar tunes, help with articulation issues, teach and learn new songs, and so on!

You can see Brian's website here and learn more about the app!
***Add your favorite songs from your music library.
***Play songs at three speeds: normal, slower and slowest.
***Configure just how slow you want each speed.
***Stream songs to your AppleTV over AirPlay.

In the App Store on iTunes, it is only $1.99!!!!

You can also follow SlowTunes on Twitter and LIKE them on Facebook!

And for two readers (if you are reading this to the end and are paying attention), Brian is offering a couple of free codes!

Congrats to the first two people that grabbed these codes!  And thank you, again, Brian for a wonderful app to help our kids struggling with speech issues!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Change: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Change is inevitable.

Seasons change.
People change.
Life changes.
Change happens, and there is nothing we can do about it.

The Good:  we are moving on from preschool to Kindergarten.
This is a good change.
We delayed this change by one year and it was the best change we made.

The Bad:  we are leaving and losing some great teachers.
We loved our preschool team.
We loved our 3rd grade teacher.
We really loved our 3rd grade Special Ed/Supportive Ed teacher, but she is moving on to a different part of the district and we can only wish her well.....and not dwell on the fact that we will miss her terribly.

The Ugly:  there were some challenges this year.
We choose not to dwell on them, only to learn from them.
We will reflect on them if needed, but we won't focus on them.

Because change is good.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

She has a BFF!

This made my day!
The innocence of one child looking past the struggles of another and seeing a little girl who is no different than the others. 
And becoming BFFs.