Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blogging Today vs Yesterday

Yes, blogging has taken a back seat lately. 

Ok ok.  You're right. It's diminished. 
A lot. 
And it's not that I don't have anything to share or complain about. 
Because I still do. 


But now I have different things going on and, quite simply, life is really getting busy. 

I have a 4th grade girl who is in her 2nd year of gen Ed and is thriving. 
Yes, she has bad days, but don't we all?
She's getting A's and B's on her report card. 
She is articulating better and increasing her sentence structure. 
And she is mouthy with me. 
And has a pre-tween attitude to boot. 
And there are birthday parity invites in our mailbox and rollerskating parties and all of the other "normal things" that 4th grade girls do. 
And I celebrate her and all of her accomplishments. 

And I also have that cute little Kindergarten boy. 
And he has his own hurdles to overcome but he is doing it in his own time and on his own terms. 

And we are still in speech therapy. 

And we are also involved in swim. 
Would you believe that my girl in just one level below swim team???
And my son wants to be "as good as Kate" one day!
Yes, she IS that good. 
The girl who wasn't able to walk until 18 months. 
The therapist who once told me that she will always have motor planning issues and would likely not play sports. 

Take that. 

So yes, we are still around. 
Still in special Ed. 
Still going to therapy. 

But our perspective is different these days. 
And my passion is still the same. 
And I'm still fighting for these kids and being loud when I have to. 

But life moves fast....and if I blink too many times I'm going to miss it.