May 2012:  Decision made.  We are holding back from Kindergarten for one more year.  This is good!

March 2012:  IEP Upate Meeting with Kindergarten Team.  We are still undecided about placement.

December 2011:  IEP Meeting.  Do we keep him in preschool or advance him to Kindergarten, that is the question?

June 2011:  We begin private OT once per week.

May 27, 2011: Second set of PE tubes placed.

May 17, 2011: surgery for new tubes is set...and cancelled...Andrew has strep throat.

May 2011: Consult with ENT. New tubes are needed. Oh, and a 3rd ear infection. *sigh*

April 2011: 2nd eaer infection. I see a trend forming.

March 2011: his 1st ear infection in almost 2 years (since PE tubes were placed in April 2009)

December 2010: Status change from community student to full-fledged IEP Student

November 2010: RTi started based on some concerns I am having regarding speech and language.

August 2010: 1st Day of Preschool with Itinerant Speech Services

April 2010: Annual IFSP Meeting: recommendations to add OT once per week.

March 2010: Annual EI re-evals for PT, OT, Speech, and DT.

March 2010: Early Intervention transition meeting at preschool.

February 2010: Early Intervention meeting.

February 2010: pneumonia. Yuk!

January 2010: Three days per week of Speech therapy

September 2009: Andrew's first day of nursery school in a Parent-Child class.

September 2009: Speech therapy two days per week.

May 2009: Speech therapy one day per week.

April 2009: Early Intervention intake meeting

April 12, 2009: surgery day!

April 2009: Our first meeting with Dr. Hotaling (Loyola ENT) for tube placement. This man rocks!

October 2008: The first of too many ear infections.

December 2007: Transcranial ultrasound to rule out enlarged ventricles.
Normal exam, the kid just has a big noggin!

August 15, 2007: Andrew is born @ 11:39pm.